Doctor Who Experience

I thought I was going to leave London without going to the Doctor Who Experience (mostly because I didn’t have anyone to go with). But, I managed to convince Joe to take me. We may have been the only ones without children there, but that was fine with me, I can be a child (Joe wasn’t as pleased). The actual “experience” part is a little cheesy, but it’s still cool because you get to go into the TARDIS and also be a little freaked out by some weeping angels (although they don’t really make any sense in the story).

9 and 10's TARDIS

old TARDIS console circa Doctors 6-8 maybe? I forget

Evolution of the cybermen

The making of an Ood

We also stopped by Leighton House, house of Victorian artist, Frederic Leighton. My favorite part, the “Arab Room” is full of tiles that Leighton collected from Damascus and a gilded dome. But since taking pictures wasn’t allowed, I only have a picture of the outside. Not too exciting, but you can see the dome.

Check out the old school double-decker bus on Kensington High Street