Bloomsbury Festival

Maureen Johnson!

I love happy coincidences.  First coincidence, Maureen Johnson hosted an event for her new book, The Name of the Star, in London.  Hey!  I’m in London….  Yep, so last Saturday I dragged Joe to the Beaufort House in Chelsea to attend.  Because 11am is early for me and there are no conveniently placed tube stops nearby, we got there late.  But, we managed to find the building and the swanky black members only door.  I have to admit, I’ve never read any of Maureen’s books before (well, I did read the beginning of 13 Little Blue Envelopes, but I kind of hated it).  My interest in Maureen Johnson is solely for her function as an active and public figure of nerdfighteria (if you don’t know what that is, watch some videos, but for now, suffice it to say nerdfighteria is a community of sorts).  I even won a set of magnets along with 49 other people, but I was the very last person to be picked after the two people called ahead of me happened to be absent.  What luck!  I’ve actually seen Maureen Johnson in person before, at a nerdfighter gathering at LeakyCon 2011, but I’ve never heard her speak.  She is one funny lady, even my boyfriend was laughing.  Awesome coincidence number 2… I met Ellie and Dasha!  I met them through the internet a few years ago (that’s not creepy, really), and they live nearish London, and we just sort of bumped into each other on accident.  This just seems to be the year of meeting internet friends in person (*ahem* Claire at LeakyCon).  Anyways, I bought a copy of The Name of the Star, but didn’t get it sign because despite the fact that we were in a smallish room and there weren’t that many people there, we literally moved 3 feet in an hour.  Toooo long.  (Oh, oh, also Charlie as in charlieissocoollike was there, as well as Rosi from Leaky.  So cool.)

With Dasha and Ellie

After waiting forever to NOT get my book signed we took a bus back to Bloomsbury for the festivities.  Well, first we stopped by the Cartoon Museum which is very close to the British Museum.  Admission was free with a Bloomsbury Festival pamphlet.  I wanted to go to see the exhibit on Doctor Who comics.  I couldn’t fully appreciate the older comics because I don’t know much about the original series, but I thought it was really cool to look at the original paintings that were printed into magazines.  There were also comics of the 9-11 Doctors, interesting to see how comic art has changed since the 60’s.  Also, there was a man there with an exhibition model of K-9 that has actually been used on some productions and stuff.  It was a real hit with the children, and Joe apparently.


Afterwards, we headed to Russell Square.  The square is quite big, so they managed to cram a lot of stuff into it.  There was a stage where some people were singing some songs (yeah, I wasn’t really paying attention), a crafts market, book market, food stalls, the Wellcome charm tree, and poet’s path.  Poet’s path was a pathway covered by an archway of greenery… oh, just look at the pictures.  But hanging from the canopy were strips of paper made up of any number of smaller pieces of paper that fit together.  The idea was that you could pick out words to create your own line of poetry and hang it up.  The words came specifically from 3 different poems, and each poem was done in a different font.

Then I got sick and was miserable all the way home.  Fun times.  The end.