4. Make a full dinner

This is not my actual product because I forgot to take a picture. But, wouldn't it be nice to pretend my food looked that professional?

I can make Kraft Mac & Cheese.  I can make spaghetti with bottled tomato sauce.  I can fry an egg.  I can make frozen dinners.  I can put the dishes my mom leaves out into the oven and set the timer.  That’s about as far as my cooking skills generally tend to go.  All my life someone has been making my food for me, even here at college.  I take a 2 minute walk and I’m at the dining hall.

But one day in the not too distant future I hope to live in my own place, which would ultimately involve making my own food.  So, goal no. 4 gave me a little push in that direction.  I made dinner!  A real kind.  That I really made.  By myself.  Me being me, and not so wise in the ways of the kitchen, I had to stick to the recipe and keep checking it like every 2 minutes.  But, it was worth it because the end result was a nommy Chicken Parm (with fresh herbs I might add) with a homemade tomato sauce, sweet dinner rolls, and chocolate chocolate cake.  It was a candlelit dinner for two, just me and Joe.  He says the chicken was good and so does my mom, so, I’m going to choose to believe them, because I thought it was pretty darn good too.

Now, I have to deal with dining hall food.  And, my food baby gets a little bigger each day and my heart grows a little sadder for want of real home cooked meals.

PS: I like the namee Sanne, Bronwyn, and Althaea.  Just thinking about that lately.


So… college?

Because I’m a psychic, I predict that this is going to be a short post in which I will try to cram as much info as possible.

It’s week 8 of school. And it feels so weird that I’m in college and not high school. The whole living where you work and where you learn is odd. But not too odd. It’s a little enjoyable. The official names of the courses I’m taking are Linguistics: Data, Theory, Exp, Introduction to Anthropology, Classical Mythology, and Evolution: Dinosaurs to Darwin. I got pretty lucky what with the not having 8:30 classes thing. My earliest class is at 10:20, and sometimes my first class isn’t until 1:20. It’s all I can do to not sleep the morning away every Tuesday.
I got a job too. I don’t think it really counts, but it’s pleasant. I work at the circulation desk of the nice, big, new, lovely library. Sometimes I work the first shift, from 8 to 10, so the only people who are there are the crazies who get up early to go to the library. That means I can just sit at the desk and do my own homework, or read. Reading is fun.
I also want to make note that I have a lot of Asian friends and that has never happened to me before. Ever. Some of them are international students, so that’s cool, and some of them aren’t, like me, so that’s cool too. They are very awesome people and I love how comfortable we are with each other. I’m pretty sure Annie and Tra My have slept together in Tra My’s bed the last two nights, and there also seems to be a lot of butt slapping and bongo playing amongst us.
Also, I think I’m going to get fat. This food looks horrendously bad for me… even the vegetarian options, which, yes, I do eat sometimes. Not to mention the waffle bars, sundae bars, cupcake bars, bar, bars, bars…

Next topic…  101 in 1001.  I have successfully completed 2 more tasks (it sounds like an accomplishment, but in the whole scheme of things, it isn’t).  Way back when I finished my first goal I also finished another one: 42. Purchase and use a real address book.  I got a cute one from Borders, and I’m actually going to drop everything right now and write my uncle’s new address in it.  Ok, that’s done.  I also did 22. Wish upon a shooting star.  About a month ago I went up to the university cemetery (spooky!) and, because Colgate is in the middle of no where we were able to see lots and lots of stars.  It was a very clear, crisp night and it was probably the second best sky I have ever seen (the first being when I was at Girl Scout camp a long time ago and we couldn’t even find the big dipper there were too many stars).  We saw lots of stars and the milky way was just visible… and, lucky me, we saw two shooting stars as well.  I can’t tell you what I wished for because… well, 1) it won’t come true if I tell and 2) I don’t really remember what I wished for.  It was quite nice.  Here’s the 101in1001 video, and just as a warning, the audio is totally lagging.

Last thing.  I recently read a book, Pope Joan by Donna Woolfolk Cross.  (Note: the last time the book was checked out was 10 years ago.  What a lonely book)  Basically, it’s about Pope Joan, a female pope from the 800s who gets away with her strange life by posing as a man.  It was very good, I recommend it (and if you aren’t going to read it, then just read the afterword which explains the case for Joan’s existence).  Point of the story: Pope Joan, the movie is being released this month… but it’s a German movie.  Sad pandas for me.

No, wait, now it’s the last thing.  I had the flu a couple weeks ago, and not of the swine variety.  It sucked.  And it was my own fault because I was too scared to get a flu shot.  But, because we have to be extra safe and stop the spread of disease on campus, I was quarantined.  So, I spent four days with 2 other flu-ridden girls in an empty apartment.  We had to wear surgical masks when dealing with the common folk, and our food was delivered in sad little take-out boxes, and we were just generally very pathetic.  I’m all better now, except that I have a nasty cough that gets annoying really quickly.  Is there a max number of cough drops you should eat in an hour?  I hope not.

I’m done now and obviously not a psychic, this was a longish post.  Have a nice day.

Of firsts and lasts

Success!  I finished my first goal for the 101 in 1001 project.  Gosh darn it if it didn’t take freaking forever.  Goal no. 59 is officially complete and sitting on my bed right now.

59. Obtain frames for select photos

59. Obtain frames for select photos

Honestly, it’s a really lame first goal.  All I did was go out to Target and pick out a few picture frames I liked and then I bought them.  But, it’s done and that’s all that’s going to matter.  That and my pictures will look nice in their frames.  I suppose I could be like a regular person and just tape the darn pictures to my dorm walls or something like that, and I will, but just not all of them.  Four will have a nice home in nice frames.

Speaking of dorms, I’m moving into mine tomorrow.  I still need to finish packing and cleaning and mentally preparing myself.  It’s not a very efficient process.  Not the way I’m doing it at least.  Maybe instead of writing this I could be cleaning.  Maybe instead of reading a book I could be packing.  Maybe instead of being sad and worried I could be excited.  But then again, it’ll get done eventually, it has to anyways.

Okay, okay, I’m going to go pack.  I swear that’s what I’m going to do right after I hit publish.  Yep, that’s what I’m going to do.  I’m going to post this and then I’m going to close firefox and then I’m going to maybe shut my laptop and then I’m going to, um, yeah, pack.  Pack.  My stuff.  Into boxes.  That’s right, all my stuff I’m going to bring to college I’m going to put it in boxes and bags and then I’ll be done.  Yeah………