604040_10152743077265285_1246339921_n-1Hi, my name is Alyson.  I’m a student at Colgate University studying art and linguistics.

I like kitkats, rootbeer, nerdfighters, books, reading, fireflies, airplanes, Harry Potter, birds, traveling, Ireland, texting, design, birch trees, movies,  handmade things, firefox, family trees, British, accents, chunky yarn, London, TV shows, historical novels, maps, purple and yellow, flour, pasta, yellow highlighters, clay, tulle, family, books, paper, music, art, fashion, falling snow, stars, museums, diagrams, postcards, sales, rings, glass bottles, foxes, dresses and skirts, cream colored fabrics, Christmas lights, ice, cats, cinnamon ice cream, clotted cream and jam with scones, beaches.

Places you can find me… YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads