Wonderful Wednesdays

Last Wednesday Joe and I went to the London Studios to be part of the TV audience for comedian Alan Carr’s show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man. We almost didn’t make it in. Despite having (free!) tickets, they didn’t guarantee that we would be able to get in. First come, first serve kind of thing. Well, we were literally the last people to get in (too bad for the 100 people waiting in line behind us), but we were told that we wouldn’t be able to sit together.  As it turned out there were two seat together in the very last ro (so no chance we made it onto the actual show).

But, despite not know any of the guests (Bear Grylles, Lee Evans, 1 Direction) it was a lot of fun. Alan is super funny (even when the camera aren’t rolling). It was interesting to see how these sorts of talk shows work. For the most part it was non-stop as if we were actually watching on TV. And where there were commercial breaks the crew got ready for what was coming in the next segment. A few lines has to be reshot (mostly scripted parts like when Bear plugged a charity), and the audience had to do a few things (like cheer when there was nobody there, or look surprised when nothing was going on) which I assume will make more sense when it airs on TV (which is has already). The band, 1 Direction (a British boy band that formed to compete on X Factor because they weren’t good enough to compete individually…), performed a song at the very end which I thought was interesting to watch because I could see the live band playing and the way it looked though the camera via screens hanging from the ceiling. The smoke, and light, and pyrotechnics actually look way more dynamic on screen than in real life.

And this Wednesday (aka today) Joe and I went ice skating! We went to Somerset House where Tiffany & Co. hosts “Skate at Somerset House” every winter. It’s been a long time since I’ve ice skated, and I’ve pretty much forgotten how to (my 5-year-old cousin would put me to shame), but I managed to not fall at all, so that’s a plus. I forgot my camera (grrr), so no pictures…

And on a non-Wednesday note, I helped Su-su and Uncle James trim the Christmas tree on Monday! Yay, Christmas!


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