Giving thanks in London

Since Thursday meant work for my uncles’ (and school for me), we celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday instead. Uncle James started cooking as early as the morning before, so I woke up to the smell of stuffing Thursday morning. I didn’t help out too much, but I peeled potatoes, cut brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes for the cause.

Joe came over, as well as Su-su and Uncle Jame’s friends. At some point they were all talking about 80’s music and everything just went over my head, I could only understand 10% of what they were saying.

I forgot to take pictures of the table, but there was so much food, and all of it delicious. On top of the essential turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing (made from fresh bread), almond and arugula mashed potatoes, lemon zest green beans, bacon and chestnut brussel sprouts, sweet potato casserole (aka sweet potato pie), pumpkin pie with maple syrup whipped cream (made from an actual pumpkin, not from a can). Everything was so good (well, except for that glass of champagne I had, I’m not convinced…).


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