Some wins and a fail

Win: I finally made my way to the Tate Britain. I’ve been to London 3 times before now, and have visited a shit ton of museums by now. (National Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, V&A, Tate Modern, Courtauld Gallery, Sir John Soane’s Museum, Wellcome Collection, Museum of London, British Library, Charles Dickens Museum, Cartoon Museum, British Library, Geffrye Museum, Natural History Museum, Royal Academy of Arts) But, I have never been to the Tate Britain before now.

The Tate Britain is a collection of British historical and contemporary art. The museum is especially known for its collection of J.M.W. Turner paintings. Right now there’s an exhibit on Romantic art which includes a lot of the Turners. There’s also a cool exhibit on the colors that Turner used based on where he was painting and when. I’d show you pictures, but I can’t get them off my camera right now…

It’s really strange, being at the Tate Britain, because in one room there’s contemporary art (splatter paintings, weird sculptures that don’t make sense to you at all, colorful polka dots, that sort of thing), and then in the next room are old paintings, some dating back to the 1500s.  The strangest thing for me was walking out the contemporary art rooms and in the next room was John W. Waterhouse’s Pre-Raphaelite painting, The Lady of Shalott.

Contemporary art at the Tate Britain (that's not Pollock)

The Lady of Shalott top left

Win: So, I didn’t use the sugar skull inspired makeup for the Halloween party, but I did get my hair to look pretty awesome. (Minor fail: it took me 24 hours to get my hair untangled.)

I promise my hair was bigger at the beginning of the night

Win: Played my first rugby “match.” So it wasn’t a real game, but we played against the team from LSE in a sort of pseudo-competitive, but mostly in order to get tips from the coach game. Turns out it’s really hard to play rugby when you’re not wearing glasses. But, I managed to be a little useful nevertheless, even if I did get tackled and landed with the ball under my stomach. Ouch.. Still no pictures of me in my rugby kit!

Win: Joe and I tagged along my uncles’ trip to Cambridge last weekend. Uncle James showed us around his old college and we got to check out King’s college chapel (built by Henry IV and finished under Henry VIII, amazing original stain glass all intact, a wooden screen with some remnants of Anne Boleyn’s brief rise carved in).  We also went to the Fitzwilliam Museum to check out a couple of exhibits, Vermeer’s Women, and Imperial Treasures of Vienna.

Fail FAIL FAIL FAIL RAWR FAIL!!!!!!!: We were supposed to go to Oxford today… but we missed the bus. It’s not our fault! Joe and I left 15 minutes earlier than we planned to, but we got stuck at Euston station trying to get on the Victoria line to Victoria. The platform was jam pack and then after 3 trains went pass and not being able to fit on yet, they shut down the line. So, we had to go the long way which made us late. We were underground for an hour! FAIL WHALE.


3 thoughts on “Some wins and a fail

  1. a) Hawt hair! I love it! and I think it is more of a win then a minor fail that you actually had to try to tangle your hair haha
    b) Tate Britain is pretty cool but I tend to like the Tate Modern better anyway
    c) 😦 I’m sorry about Oxford! thats such a pain. Are you going to have time to try again another day?

    (sorry ive been so MIA but I Love your blog!)

  2. The Lady of Shalott looks so sad push up there in that corner. If it were up to me, I’d give its own wall xD

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