If you were to look at all the money I’ve spent since I’ve been to London it’s clear I’ve been shopping.  It just happens to be that a lot of what I’ve been buying for myself has been less of a want and more of a need )or semi-need).  For example, I’ve had to buy things for rugby (cleats, mouthguard, other atheltic-like clothing).

But, now I’ve done some good and proper shopping just because I want stuff for myself.  Oh, wait, I remember I did buy something for myself.  I bought a tote bag from Liberty.  Just pretend that didn’t happen.

I went to Camden Market and walked around a little bit.  Camden Market isn’t one market, but a series of markets and shops and narrow passages full of ethnic food stalls.  Anyways, I  bought a sweater (but not after debating which one to get).

I got the one on the right.

Also, today I went to Brick Lane (curry capital of London) to go to a “flea market.”  It was basically an American Apparel sample sale.  Oh my goodness.  It was like a hipster fashion parade.  But, luckily I totally fit in with my newly purchased skull sweater and not so newly purchased suede boots.  I ended up buying a chiffon tank top and some other little accessories.  Funny how I’ve never owned anything from American Apparel until now… when I’m not in America.


4 thoughts on “Shopping!

  1. The sweater looks kind of like my friend’s that I was talking about. It’s a completely different shape, but the pattern/color scheme is similar. It’s cute, though. I approve 🙂

  2. Cute sweater!
    one of my favorite parts about london was their markets- i went like every weekend whether or not I bought anything, haha. I was always especially tempted to get random antique shit that I would never actually wear but that just looked really cool…
    How are you at haggling, though? I hate that! I just want to buy the damn thing, not argue about it!

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