Final score: 37-14

I went to support my team (my team! I’ve never had a team before) yesterday in our game against Brunel University.  As you can tell from the title, we won 37 to 14.  Brunel is in Uxbridge, which is in west London, pretty suburban.  The day started nicely, if a bit cold, when a small group of us took the Tube to Uxbridge and then a bus (“Are you girls going to watch your boyfriends?”  “Um, NO!”) to the University sports center (or rather, centre).  The game was nearly half over by the time we found the right field and then 20 minutes in it started to drizzle freezing cold rain.  Not fun.  But, fun to watch the team play a real game against an opponent, and fun to cheer everyone on.

Looks like rain

And for those concerned about me playing rugby, I could tell you that an ambulance had to be called for a girl, but then I would tell you that she was on the opposing team.  Maybe that’s not so comforting, but it really wasn’t too rough.

Here’s some pictures and a video (we’re purple).


One thought on “Final score: 37-14

  1. Ok. Not very reassuring. When do you play your first game?

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