Les Misérables and Pho

There has been a distinct lack of photos in my last few posts, which I must admit, makes them look really, really boring.  Now that I’ve been away from home for over a month, dare I say it… the novelty of being abroad has begun to wear off.  Plus, classes have started, which is a downer in its own way.  I swear, I bring my camera with me sometimes, but it never seems to occur to me to take pictures.  Being a photo taking fiend is tiring, and my purse is small, and I don’t want to be a perpetual tourist.

I did manage to take one photo since my outing with Jinri.  It’s of Joseph at the Queen’s Theatre, and if you know anything about London, then you know we were there to see Les Misérables.  Les Misérables has been showing at the Queen’s Theatre since 2004, and it’s been playing in London for the past 25 years (that’s older than me!).  I’ve actually seen it before when I was in London with my family a couple of years ago.

This time around Joe and I managed to get £10 tickets in the upper circle.  Three reasons to justify getting the cheap seats (with a terrible view).  1) We’re poor college students. 2) I’ve seen the show before (in much better seats).  3) Joe claims he doesn’t like musicals, so I wasn’t going to invest too much in case he hated it.  As it turned out Joe liked it fine enough.  The fact that it’s not over the top singing and dancing and happy happy yay!, is probably why Joe didn’t totally hate it.  Meanwhile, I was sitting there grinning like a little kid because Les Mis is one of my favorite musicals (thanks to my mother’s love for it).  I especially enjoyed Alexia Khadime as Eponine.  She’s black for one thing which was kind of refreshing, but she also had that sort of rich voice I associate with the role, not as breathy and airy as Cosette’s.

Saturday afternoon my uncle took me out to a Vietnamese restaurant in the East of London.  The reason?  To try me a big bowl of phở. It was delicious, and not at all what I expected it to be.  I think, if I hadn’t known what it was I wouldn’t have pinned it down as an Asian dish (well, except for the fact that there are beansprouts and rice noodles in it).  The soup is deceptively watery looking, but it’s full of spices like cinnamon and cloves.  (By the way, this was totally a missed photo-op.)

We also stopped by the White Cube galley (contemporary art) and the Geffrye Museum (furniture/living spaces from the 15th century to the present).  Lastly, a shop selling “pretentious men’s clothing” (Urban Outfitters meets Shoreditch).  But we weren’t there to buy £350 sweaters, we were there for the espresso (because, yeah, all pretentious men’s clothing stores have working espresso machines).


One thought on “Les Misérables and Pho

  1. I love how you credited your love of Les Mis to your Mom… Especially since she’s never seen the show yet! 🙂

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