Midterms! Just kidding, it’s only the first week of school.

My first week of classes is over, and it’s not even Friday! I seriously have the most awesome schedule, well, maybe not THE most awesome, but it’s pretty great. I have 2 hours of classes a day Monday to Thursday, and that’s it.

Monday was the Pragmatic Theory class. It’s an intermediate class, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be too hard even if I haven’t taken the prerequisite class. The class is a mixture of undergraduate and Masters students, and the lecture hall was too small for the amount of people there. People had to sit on the floor and bring in extra chairs from another room. I sat with some students from Hong Kong I met earlier, TinMing, Psyche, and Wanda. Surprisingly, the professor supplied us with lecture notes. The only other class I’ve had where I could have the notes beforehand was my Intro to Psychology class, and that was only a skeleton of the notes. The same thing happened Tuesday, in the Logic and Meaning class. We can print the slide show beforehand. The Linguistic students here have it easy.

The history and art history classes are a different story. Call me crazy, but I like taking my own notes (if there’s a good lecturer). Both those classes are museum classes, which means most of the times the class meets it will be at various museums. Nifty, yeah?

Some bad bits of my week…. Working in 45 minutes to travel to campus is a pain in the butt, since everything at Colgate is a 10 minute walk away from your room at most. And super bad news, the internet sucks, and even though I registered for all my classes, I’ve suddenly been unregistered for all of them. I’m trying to get it sorted out, but it has me pretty stressed out.


2 thoughts on “Midterms! Just kidding, it’s only the first week of school.

  1. Wow, what an easy schedule. I have 12 hrs and 45 minutes of rehearsals alone every week. And 15 credit hours of classes.

    I have the same sort of thing with the notes in my Sociology class. Speaking of sociology, it’s been a dull start, but I think it’ll get better.

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