Freshers Fayre

I still haven’t started classes, but things are finally starting to settle themselves.  For instance, I now know with 98% certainty which classes (aka modules) I’m going to be taking.  For Linguistics I’m taking a first-year course, Meaning and Logic, to help me with my intermediate course, Pragmatic Theory.  Other than that I’ll be taking an art history class, and a history class.  And, bonus, I don’t have any classes on Friday (and I was this close to having no classes on Thursday too).  Fabulous!

Yesterday I went to the Freshers Fayre which is basically like an activities fair where all the groups and societies on campus whore themselves out to the incoming class.  But the Freshers Fayre, despite its old-timey spelling of ‘fair,’ makes Colgate’s activity fairs look positively quaint.  This thing was huge!  It was super intense, with security people, and you could only go through it one way.  Anyways, I signed up for a bunch of stuff including the Art Society, Stage Crew, and (don’t laugh) Women’s Rugby.  My only problem is that everything (everything everything) costs £££, so we’ll see how involved I actually become with university societies.

Oh, yeah, and I watched some dude jump over 5 people and kick a board in half during the tae kwan do demonstration.


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