Schrödinger’s cat lives! or something

Vacation’s over.  Time to get back to the real world.  Ha!  Real world… London isn’t “the real world.”

Anyways, Joe and I got back to London on Sunday (oops, haven’t blogged in a while).  In the afternoon we headed over to Sloane Square.  My Uncle Henry, being the awesome and informative London guide he is, informed us that the term “Sloane Rangers” (“the young underemployed, often snooty and ostentatiously well-off members of the upper classes”) comes from Sloane Square because it’s a very rich, upity area (think Tiffany & Co, Hermès, Jimmy Choo). But, of course, we weren’t there to shop, we were there to go to church!  And when I say “go to church” I mean we went to the Holy Trinity Church to see my Uncle James sing as part of the Pegasus Choir.  Not something I would normally be into, but apparently Pegasus is super legit (lots of awards, and performances on the BBC radio), and it was cool to see my uncle sing.  Afterwards we headed to a pub for drinks (so British!) with a couple of my uncles’ friends.

On Monday my friend Jinri came to London to visit!  She’s studying in Manchester this semester, but she had been in Berlin, Prague and Budapest before coming to London.  Since I haven’t had much time to get to know London, because I’ve been gallivanting around the rest of Europe, I wasn’t able to lead Jinri to the second-hand shops and non-touristy things she was interested in.  Instead we went to Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Street.  Jinri and I went into Liberty, and this was the first time I’ve ever been inside.  Liberty is an awesome (and expensive) department store, but I’ve always been sort of intimidated by it.  But, ba-dum-duh-dum, now that I’ve been to Liberty, I HAVE to go back.  While, I can’t afford the clothes, shoes, scarves, furniture, jewelry, or bags, they also have stationary, a craft shop (including a haberdashery), and a CHRISTMAS SHOP (Christmas decorations, small novelty gifts).  I did manage to buy a tote bag made partially with the well-known floral print Liberty fabric.  I felt so awesome walking down the street with my Liberty shopping bag.  Then we met up with two other Colgate students, Rashaad and Tra My, and Joe in Chinatown and found the cheapest buffet at £4.95 a person to have dinner.  We made up for our cheapo, not very tasty dinners with a quick stop at a bakery where I had a yummy egg custard tart.

The next day we saw some more touristy things.  Buckingham Palace where we just made the end of the changing of the guard ceremony, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, the OXO tower, The London Eye, the Tate Modern.  While we, Joe, Jinri and I, were walking along the South Bank we came across a man using a stick to write words on the bank of the Thames.  We watched him write “Schrödinger’s cat lives? yes no yes.”   Joe thought the event was like something out of a novel, like it should be some sort of metaphor.  Hmm….

Us in front Westminster Abbey

A windy day along the Thames

We spoiled our Pret lunch with a delicious stop at a "French" bakery we spotted, my first time trying a macaroon! YUM!

Writing on the "beach"


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