Zodiaco again!

Today we started off at Plaça Catalunya to walk down La Rambla, a very pedestrian friendly street.  We didn’t make it very far before we decided to go off a side street, which is how we ended up exploring the Barri Gòtic.  Because I was wearing a particularly immodest dress I wasn’t able to go into the Cathedral, so Joe and I contented ourselves with looking at the outside and passing through the flea market that was set up out front.

Cathédrale Sainte-Eulalie de Barcelone

We decided to stop by the Museu d’Història de la Ciutat and finally our student status got us a discount, although the girl selling the tickets asked if we were younger than 25.  Do we look older than 25?  I don’t think so….  Joe really enjoyed himself at this museum (he took ALL the pictures!) because he took Latin and a big part of the museum was about the old Roman city of Barcino.  I really liked it too (I like old crumbly things).  You take an elevator underground and then you’re in the middle of the Roman ruins.  There are walkways that suspend you over the actual site, but they lead you through a tower, someone’s fancy house, a fabric dying workshop, and winemaking facilities.  Oh gosh, it’s so old!

The ruins of the wine fermentation vats in El Barcino

By 12:30 we were both getting hungry so we found a place to eat, Café de Madeira.  Unfortunately, the server didn’t speak any English so we weren’t able to figure out what exactly we were ordering.  In the end we started off with pasta salad with tuna and baked potatoes with cheese and meat.  Then Joe had some sort of meatballs with home fries and I ended up with whole fried fish.  Not what I was expecting.  They weren’t that bad, but I had to eat them slowly because of all the tiny bones.  The heads freaked me out a little, so I only ate the bodies and tails… but I did manage to eat one head, just to be able to say I did.  We got dessert too (flan and bread pudding).  Less than €25 for 2 three course meals, bottles of water, and some sort of mixed drink that happened to be free—not too shabby.  When we left the restaurant at 2:15 it was just starting to get busy for lunchtime.

After we ate we went back to the History museum to find out about some of the other sites we could visit.  We went to see the remains of the Temple d’August and a Roman burial site.  Then we went back to the apartment so Joe could take a nap, blah blah sleep sleep, while I looked at brochures and maps.  And since I’m a hungry hungry hippo, I insisted we go to the grocery store to get a snack (biscuits with chocolate crème) before we headed to the Font Mágica for the fountain/light/music show.  We waited for the show for an hour before we decided to give up.  Turns out I’m stupid.  The show is on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.  I thought it was Thursday… but it’s Wednesday!  I am so dumb.  But Joe and I had a nice chat about the potential euro crisis or something.

We went back to Zodiaco for dinner (is it still dinner at 10:30?) which consisted of some tapas (guacamole!), another gross beer for Joe (it’s cheap, and he says it’s decent), and Cokes for me (we discussed whether or not we thought the Coke tastes different here than in the US).

So now it’s technically tomorrow, so I think it’s time for bed.  In Catalan, Adéu! In Spanish, Adios!


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