Why Mondays suck even more

(9/17 We’re back in Paris briefly where we have internet, so these posts are from the past few days.)

Our last day in Paris was a very uneventful one, but it wasn’t really our last day. We’ll be back for just one day, after Barcelona. The reason the day was so uneventful was because it was a Monday, which in Paris, means its likes those towns in New Jersey where literally everything except restaurants and supermarkets close on Sundays.  NOTHING is open on Monday, I swear.  Nothing but the cafés, bookstores (so many bookstores, I didn’t notice them before…), and random other few places.  So, Joe and I couldn’t find anything really touristy to do.

Instead, we had to resort to just looking at things from the outside.  We went to the Centre du Georges Pompidou, which is an interesting enough building to look at from the outside (but there’s also a modern art museum inside).  You can actually see the Pompidou from the Sacre-Coeur (which we went to on Wednesday) and it sticks out like a sore thumb.  The metal air-conditioning/ heating things on the top of it are painted blue and it’s got metal scaffolding all over the side.  It looks nothing like the chic buildings all around.  My favorite part is the zigzagging escalator tube.  I really wanted to go on it… but of course everything’s closed on Monday!

The exterior of the Pompidou (that's an escalator in the tube)

And then we spent a really long time looking for the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore.  Joe found it eventually.  The shop is well-known enough to be mentioned by walking tours.  From what I heard by the tour that passed us by the store was established in 1951 by some guy named George Something.  Anyways, it’s an English language bookstore, and it is amazing.  There are two storeys and literally every nook and cranny is stuffed with books.  There were books wedged in the spaces under the stairs, up the ceiling, underneath benches.  There were also spots where people have left notes.  There was one place I found, a sort of cramped nook/alcove/closet (that was stuffed with books) that had a typewriter that you could use.  And the walls were covered with notes from people saying how much they loved the shop, or else just prose.  There was a surprising amount of Korean notes too.

Shakespeare & Co

We walked through the Jardin des Plantes

PS: If you’re looking for a pet, you’re gonna want to check out the right bank.  And if you want some gaudy fabric go to the base of the Sacre-Coeur.  Also, there’s a bus that doubles as a nightclub, but despite the disco lights and sparkly dresses I didn’t see much dancing going on.



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