Getting to Paris

Boyfriend and I have been contemplating this trip for the whole summer.  Where should we go? When should we go? How should we go? First we were thinking we’d take a train and hop all over the Europe- Paris, Barcelona, Nice, Rome, Venice- well just France, Spain, and Italy.  But, I didn’t like the idea of having to be on the train traveling as much as we would be in the cities adventuring.  Plus, I have a thing about trains, the thing where I don’t like them very much.  Mostly I’m just a little insecure because I have much more experience taking airplanes than landplanes trains.  Then we were thinking we would travel at the end of the semester and for Christmas, but then blah blah blah weather, money, family blah.  So that’s how we’ve arrived at our 2 week trip to Paris and Barcelona before school starts.  Just a continuation of my summer vacation.  (On top of LeakyCon, Smugglers’ Notch, and Jersey.)

As it turns out I{m getting much more familiar with trains and taking trains, and finding the right platform and all that stuff.  So Joe and I made it to St. Pancras and found our train without any fuss.  The Eurostar goes through the Chunnel (that would be Channel Tunnel as in the English Channel that separated the UK from France) and dumps you off right in the middle of Paris.   It was surprising how quickly we got across the Channel.  Twenty minutes of dark and then we were in a different country.  People were finally driving on the right/correct side of the road, signs were in French, and I swear, even the trees looked more French (those tall skinny trees).  I spent the trip sitting next to a very tall Spaniard, so I had little leg room and our knees kept bumping.  Also, Joseph insisted he was some sort of criminal, maybe because of the phone calls he kept making.

We found the apartment we’re staying in through AirBnB for just under $420 for 8 nights.  We have one of the bigger rooms in the tiny apartment, a shelf to put food on in the fridge, and a set of keys.  The neighborhood is quiet, located just outside the Boulevard Périphérique.  The owner, Faria is very nice, she picked us up from the Metro station in her green car.  She has a 14 year old son, who administered an unexpected set of cheek kisses (Faria just shook my hand when we met), and she says she’s a French teacher at an Elementary school.

Since we got in around dinner time we didn’t go out other than to grab a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s (they sold macaroons and other baked goodies at the McCafe counter) where Joseph got to practice ordering in French.  We were going to grab some sandwich supplies and toiletries, but everything was closed by the time we finished eating, so that will have to wait until tomorrow.

PS: Writing on this French keyboard is really slow going.



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