Things to do around Hampstead Heath

Brain wellington to the left, Yorkshire (not) pudding to the right

Su-su and Uncles James treated Boyfriend (ahem, Joseph) and I to a traditional Sunday roast today.  We took a bus to Hampstead and went to the Spaniards Inn just outside of Hampstead Heath.  The pub is over 400 years old with low ceilings and tasty smells wafting around.  We ordered drinks (I say drinks, but really I had a sprite) while we waited for a table to open up.  I had the Baked Cornish Brie and Mushroom Wellington which was super delicious, even though it looked like a brain.  The pastry was flaky and the brie was just a little sweet.  Nom nom.  I also took a bite of the Yorkshire pudding, which is basically just bread.  It was good, but my tummy was so full of wellington, I couldn’t manage anymore than one bite of the pudding.

Hi, from the Spaniards Inn, no we couldn't finish all that food

Afterwards we went to Kenwood House which was just a short walk away.  We sort of breezed through the house, looking at old furniture and paintings.  There were quite a few Gainsboroughs, a familiar looking self-portrait by Rembrandt, a Hogarth, a Turner, and even a Vermeer.  My uncle (who is like the best guide) pointed out a couple of paintings with views of London.  One from 1630 showed London Bridge covered with houses, back when people used to live right on the bridge.  The other, from around 1777, was a view of the city from Highgate, and back then the city was much smaller so St. Paul’s is very prominent instead of hidden by all the other buildings.

Kenwood House from the front

Once we left Kenwood we walked through Hampstead Heath.  The Heath is a natural green space so there are lots of hilly fields and woods separating them.  My feet got really wet walking through the long grass, but it was worth the view from the top of Parliament Hill.  The top of the London Eye was just visible as well as St. Paul’s.

The view from Parliament Hill


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