No bub tonight

I think I’m officially over the jet lag.  I woke up at 10, which is a bit earlier than I might at home, but I did go to bed at 10 pm, which is earlier than I usually do at home.

Breakfast today was some peanut butter and bananas on whole wheat toast with a glass of milk.  I felt so healthy.  And then I started to feel a little ill when we went to the bank and I saw how few pounds my American dollars turned out to be.  And then I went to Boots and spent some money anyways, just some shampoo, conditioner, soap, and, yeah a little can of dry shampoo.  I’ve always wanted to try dry shampoo because my hair has a tendency to be gross and greasy after 10 hours of neglect.  All the same, the abundance of dry shampoo had me questioning British hygiene.  Like… come on, just take a shower, girls.  Buuut, it was really cool.  I expected it to spray out like hairspray, but it burst out in a powerful gust. Cool.

After trying to decipher the rules of cricket with Boyfriend, and lunch, we went out to explore our soon-to-be campus.  Well, as it turns out, not much exploring.  We just walked around the edge of campus instead.  But, we did encounter the Union and the physics building where Boyfriend will take some of his classes. A+.  Eventually we wandered our way down to the British Museum (pictures below) and had a bit of a sit before heading in.  While I was busy taking a picture of the Crepe and Coffee truck, Boyfriend spotted someone who looked like my friend Tra My.  And, you’ll never guess… it was her!  What a coincidence, but not really since she’s living a block away from the British Museum this semester.  Lucky duck.

Boyfriend and I spent an hour in the museum just sort of glancing at things and passed the Rosetta Stone on the way out.  It’s so great that so many of the museums are free.  It’s no big deal that we only spent an hour at the museum because I can just come back some other day and look some more.  We got hungry and ate at a nearby Indian restaurant that was quite good (our server’s accent was hard to understand though).

I went walking with some of my Colgate friends later in the evening.  Florence guided us to China town and we passed through Carnaby Street.  And then we were on the look out for a bar or pub, a bub if you will.  When we finally started looking, we weren’t able to find a bub that looked properly college chic (aka cheap), so we ended up with a bottle of wine back at the Colgate flats. Florence did most of the wine drinking.  I think it’s gross, but I managed about 5 sips (just enough to unsettle my stomach unpleasantly) before I gave up.

Back to the flat to watch the new episode of Doctor Who and wash my black feet.

Someone took a power nap to prepare for the days activities...

The British Museum

Hanging out in front of the British Museum

Ice Cream & Hot dog truck and Crepe & Coffee truck

A fortuitous meeting in front of the British Museum

In front of one of the Chinatown gates


2 thoughts on “No bub tonight

  1. dry shampoo seems a lot like magic to me.

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