We made it!

We almost didn’t make it to London.  Sort of.  So, like I said, there was sort of a confusing hullabaloo about our online check-in after which we learned that we had to check-in at the airport.  No problem.  That is, until we get to the airport and instead of a boarding pass Boyfriend and I get slips of paper that look like boarding passes, but aren’t because we haven’t been assigned seats or a boarding group.  Turns out the flight was overbooked and we had to wait to see if someone would agree to stay behind for a next day flight (and free hotel and some voucher money).  Luckily, a couple took the offer and we could stop biting our nails and actually board the plane with everyone else.

The flight itself was uneventful.  I did cave and watch a movie, slept for 4ish hours, and only peed twice.  Since we had window seats on the right side of the plane we got a lovely view of the city.  London Eye, Parliament, the Serpentine, Buckingham Palace. Once we landed there was a lot of walking.  Gate to border to luggage claim to underground, and finally to my uncles’ flat.  I’ve been too exhausted to go out, so all I’ve done is nap and eat for the most part.

Haven’t taken any pictures yet.  But I predict that it’ll be an effort to remember to “take lots of pictures,” especially since a certain Boy isn’t so fond of picture taking.


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