Boston (aka not London)

Woke up at 8:30 this morning, a whole 15 minutes before my alarm was meant to wake me up.  Too excited to stay asleep!  But, it was a good thing I woke up a little early because Mother and I had a sort of hectic morning.  We were trying to check-in for my flight online, but American Airlines was not being cooperative.  And then Daddy was chipping in via phone call and everything was craziness until we finally got someone on the phone to tell us we couldn’t check in online because blah blah blah.  End of the story, we just have to check in when we get to the airport.

Okay, so Boyfriend, me, and my mom in the car on the way to Boston (not as bad as it sounds).  Got to Boston and then there’s a crazy amount of traffic at 2:30 in the afternoon.  Turns out it’s move in day for the Boston area schools.  Soooo, mucho moving trucks, which by the way, is a pretty legit move-in.  Almost like a real adult move-in.  Finally get to my aunt’s house.  Currently chilling out with my cousins watching like a million episodes of Psych.  Is there any other way to spend your last few hours on American soil?

8:30ish going to leave for the airport to catch our 10:55 flight.  And, call me crazy, but I’m looking forward to an hour chilling out at the gate and being on the airplane.  Ah… I love airplane and airports and jet fuel.  But, no movie watching for me.  I plan on sleeping the WHOLE entire flight to minimize jetlagginess.

Next time I write, it’ll be from London!


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