Here we go again

Hello UCL. Does that blue sky look a little misleading to you?

In approximately 4 days and 4 hours I will be at Logan International Airport on a plane headed for Heathrow.  I’ve been to London before (3 times! as my mom likes to shout with indignation at people), but never for 3 months.  I’ll be studying Linguistics at University College London for the fall term, leaving Colgate University behind for a whole semester.

In the meantime I’ve been packing (clothes), and shopping (shoes, jacket), and packing (gifts), and shopping (toiletries).  And I’ve managed to fit everything into one big suitcase and a carry-on (Bonus Point).  I never thought that would happen.  Mommy had me convinced I was going to need to pay to check in a second bag.  Turns out I either 1) don’t have as much shit as I thought I did, or 2) I have super packing skills.  Even Boyfriend was skeptical that I’d be able to stuff all the things he wanted to pack into his carry-on.  I went above and beyond with that one, fit all his stuff, plus way more clothes.  Unpacking will be an adventure.  I’ll be excavating through clothing strata to unearth notebooks and tampons sandwiched between the layers.

Also, I have been fretting over pre-enrollment, choosing classes/modules, and the very likely possibility that Boyfriend is going to have to go apartment *ahem* flat hunting because he didn’t get university accommodation.  As for me, I’ll be living with my uncle which, despite being super convenient and CHEAP, has its own set of disadvantages.  Like having adult supervision which I don’t have at all when I’m at Colgate, and like not being able to live with other students.

What else have I been doing…?  Oh, right, planning my trip to Paris and Barcelona! The benefit of not going with the Colgate study abroad group to London– my classes don’t start tomorrow (like Rebecca), my classes start on October 3rd.  Oh, yes.  Of course, there’s school related things to do starting the 21st of September, so it’s not like I’ll be frolicking around London without a care in the world.  BUT, I will be without a care in the world before then when Boyfriend and I go to Paris together a few days after we arrive in London on the 1st.  Paris for 9 days, staying with someone we found through who lives just outside the east side of the Boulevard Périphérique, then a quick flight to Barcelona for a few days with another AirBnB find.  So I’ve been perusing my travel books, highlighting and circling (which is a big deal because I hate to mark up books), and getting increasingly more exCITED!  I’ve been to Paris before, but it was a bit of a flop so this time I’m going to do it right.  Gonna see everything I want to see (like spend more than just an hour at the Louvre), but also going to spend some time exploring.  As for Barcelona, I barely know a thing.  But, I have learned a few phrases of Catalan (hello, goodbye, please, thank you, bathroom) and I really want to go to the beach.  Whoops, gotta remember to pack my bathing suit (or togs/cossies as I learned from my Australian friends at LeakyCon this summer 😀 )

Now I’m down to 4 days and 3 and a half hours until airplane time.  I’m going to go get a glass of pumpkin juice (yeah, that’s what I said) and pack/plan/freak out some more.


4 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. i am
    a) very astounded by those packing skills.

    b) so very excited on your behalf! i hope your adventuring is fantastic.

    (have you read french milk? it’s a comic book travel diary of paris that is wonderful.)

    • I have not read it. Will be on the look out. Actually, will have to actively look for it rather than passively because do not usually read comic books and such.

  2. Paris and Barcelona? That’s my dream European vacation. Maybe stopping by in Monte Carlo 😉

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