Kazaky– Love

Strangest obsession of my life.  On Sunday I was at a chapter meeting and one of the girls decided to show us a little video at the end of the meeting just for kicks.  Basically, Kazaky is a Ukrainian dance group composed of four presumably gay men.  The best part of this video?  They’re all dancing in stilettos.  Oh, and they’re extremely hot (and European).

People have described them as on the level of Lady Gaga in terms of the art to it.  But, I prefer Kazaky to Gaga.

As far as I can tell, the scruffy one is Oleh, Artur has the lips, Stas has earrings, and Kyryll is the young-looking one with the curly hair.  I’m probably mixing some of them up though.  Aaaaanyways, I’m torn between being fascinated by their actual dancing and just them.  The dancing is amazing even if they weren’t men.  Because, I will never ever be able to move like that much less with heels on.  It’s impressive.

Maybe I’m imagining it, but I can practically see their accents when they’re singing.  And that’s just sexy.  But, maybe I’m being affected by the fact their faces are beautiful anyways.  Best thing about the close-ups of them singing?  They just can’t stay still and you can just manage to see how they’re still sensually moving beyond the camera.  And those expressions, it’s so very you-totally-want-me-I-know-I’m-sex-in-human-form-everyone-wants-me-and-you’re-lucky-I’m-even-addressing-you, right amount of smile, the right amount of aloof.  Sooo hot.  Ok, will I stop drooling?  Give me a couple of weeks and I’ll stop playing the video on repeat for hours at a time. (No seriously, I’ve never clicked repeat on youtube before this video.)

On a side note, the song is probably rubbish.  I mean, “I wanna fucking you,” is definitely not grammatically correct, but I’ve ceased to care.


2 thoughts on “Kazaky– Love

  1. fajdskl;fjdasl i just made my roommate come over and watch this like five times.


    (also a letter is coming in response to your postcard! i don’t know how long ago yours was sent– i just got it. between being not in the country and not checking my mailbox. but you can expect one soon. :D)

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