101 Things

Oh, how I neglect things.  There is a part of me that cannot finish projects that I begin.  Take this blog for instance; when was the last time I posted anything?

And then there’s the Day Zero Project aka 101 Thing in 1001 Days.  There are currently approximately 538 days left, and I have only completed 13 goals.   The chances of actually finishing most of the  goals looks pretty slim, let alone finishing all 101 of them.  I’ll have to do complete 1 goal every 6 days for this to work.  Question: Is this doable?  Answer: For me, probably not.  BUT, will I try to anyways?: Yes.

But, in the meantime, here are the goals that I’ve completed by accident since I made my last video/blog post.
1. Choose a major
8. Drink something alcoholic
13. Make a firefly lantern
35. Have a Gilmore Girl marathon
45. Drink tea
49. Eat mooncakes on the moon festival with friends
84. Learn another language
71. Just jump into the pool first
89. Get a second piercing

Also, in an attempt to actually encourage me to finish these goals, I am going to tweak some of my goals to make them less intimidating and also to eliminate vague goals.
7. Try to Keep my back straight for a full day
12. Give 4 gifts for no reason
15. Learn how to knit and knit something more complicated than a knit/purl scarf
21. Do a split with six or less inches between the high part and the floor
24. Take a picture once a day for a year month
25. Do 10 second vlogs for a month week
36. Write “a leaf” everyday for a month
41. Keep my room clean for a month two weeks
83. Read 30 10/100 of Time’s All-time Novels
88. Watch 15 5/100 of AFI’s top 100 movies
96. Make a list of 100 50 things I want to see


One thought on “101 Things

  1. i think editing certain goals might be how i make progress on this thing, hah.

    also! i tried to do a video response to your last update but it didn’t post. 😐 so it’s just sort of floating around my personal channel. but the gist of it was: LINGUISTICS IS EXCITING AND SO IS YOUR LIFE. 😀

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