On Allan McCollum and a list

Yesterday, I went downtown to the theatre to collect my shape.  What shape, you ask?  Well…

Over the past several years, the artist Allan McCollum has developed The Shapes Project, a system that can produce 31,000,000,000 unique two-dimensional “shapes,” more than enough to create an individual shape for every person on the planet.

McCollum collaborated with the town of Hamilton (where I live) on a project called Shapes for Hamilton.  He made 6000 unique shapes using the system he developed with his Shapes Project and each shape is specially designated to someone in the town.  There were 4 distribution days and I eeked in on the last day to collect a bunch of my friend’s and my own shapes.  What’s so special about the shapes is that it’s completely unique and Allan McCollum will never produce it again.  And, he was kind enough to sign all 6000 shapes.

Mine looks a bit like an iceberg.  Actually, they all look like icebergs in a way.

  1. Thankfully,  we were able to get a five-person suite for next year, and I get to be in a single.  Yay!
  2. I think my academic adviser wants to persuade me to major in psychology instead of art.
  3. The last Ugly Betty episode runs this week.  I am sad.
  4. I’ve never watched Doctor who before, other than random snippets.  I think I’ll fix that sometime soon.
  5. My phone has been dropped a couple times too many and a couple times too hard.  It vibrates funny.
  6. I’m hosting a prospective student.  Figures they pair me with a Chinese girl.

One thought on “On Allan McCollum and a list


    Ahaha when I was hosting they gave me the one vaguely Hispanic-ish girl. I was like, orly now? She was awesome, though.

    It’s a badass iceberg.

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