Nom nom, pies.

Whoops, I missed another day, and really I have no excuse this time.  I might have to try this again in August.

Envisioning Information.  That’s the name of the project we’re working on in printmaking right now, it’s the title of one of Edward Tufte’s books.  Most of his books are about information designs, and that’s sort of what our project is about.  Basically, our guidelines are really vague.  We have to do a print and think about how we want to convey information, which is basically what you do with all art.  So, I’m a little fuzzy on what exactly this project is really about.

I chose to do a sort of study on my own life and compare it with my sister’s life.  For two days we recorded everything we did and then I took that data and turned it into a few charts and graphs and things.  There’s a pie chart that divides our activities, a graph of incoming and outgoing text messages (I text a lot more than Emily), and a map of where we spend our time and how much time we spend where.  After painstakingly making all of these things, I think I’ve decided to only use the pie chart for the final print.

Here’s a work in progress version of the charts.  I still need fix the key and the text and things.  But, basically, the one on the left is Emily and the one on the right is mine.  The pictures that make up each little pie section are pictures that we took of ourselves on each of the two days.  So, we each have 2 pictures, one from each day.  I’m not sure how successful this is going to be, because if our faces are too subtle, it might not work when it goes through the light process (we’re doing lithographs).

Here’s to crossed fingers, I’ll tell you how it turns out.


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