Why BEDA shouldn’t end in A

I have decided that April is a terrible time to commit to something everyday.  I say this in a completely selfish, egocentric way.

It’s the last full month of classes here (only one week of finals in May), so that means lots of school work!  Lots of work + lots of blog posts= wrong.  So, obviously, April is not a good month to be attempting to blog everyday if I also want to attempt to write my essay before it’s deadline or finish my art project before I need to start my final portfolio piece.  I realize August also starts with an A, and to that I say, “Who wants to work in August?”

This is going to be a short post.  Expect many short posts in this month of April.  But, I will try to keep the short posts to a minimum, because short posts just feels a little bit like cheating.  (Kind of like writing a post the day after, but then editing the published date to make it look like it was written on the correct day.)

On a completely unrelated note, but in an attempt to make this post lengthier: Isn’t this delicious?  I almost like these stills as much as the movie itself.


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