So zen

One of my goals was to keep my room clean for a week.  This may sound absurdly easy, but it is actually ridiculously difficult.  I live in an 11’x15′ box. (Note: I came by these numbers by using the very accurate and foolproof method of counting my 5 foot arm span.)  More than 2/3 of the room is covered by furniture, the precious rest is floor space upon which to walk on.  This is very easy to get messy (especially when only half of the room is mine).

Clean room. Can you tell?

Here’s a typical day.  I wake up and put on three different outfits before settling on the one I will wear for the day.  The rejected clothing is scattered on the floor, the bed, and thrown into half opened drawers before I rush to breakfast lest I be late for class.  I come back to my room and dump books and notebooks onto the desk and quickly grab the material for the next class before zipping out again.   Come back to room and transfer the shit on my desk to the bed and do homework.  Time for bed, but the bed is a mess.  So… move shit on bed to desk.  Sleep.  Wake up.  Repeat.  And that, ladies and gentlemen is how my room remains in an eternal state of disorder.

I do love having a clean room, however.  A clean room does wonders for the soul, I really believe that.  At the beginning of the week I cleaned my room.  Spring cleaning!  I vacuumed, I organized, I added some pretty things to my wall, I changed the sheets on my bed, I did laundry, and I washed dishes.    It was a miracle and my room was clean.  It stayed clean until Friday afternoon?  And what happened on Friday?  The boyfriend visited for the weekend and, “goodbye clean room.”

Presently, the room is almost clean.  Maybe I’ll start the week again, tomorrow.


One thought on “So zen

  1. your second paragraph = my life.

    my roommate and i console each other because it’s a hygienically clean mess, there’s no actual trash. just terrifying mounds of belongings.

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