My food baby

August 27, 2009.  My first day on campus.  It was also the day my food baby was conceived.

This dining hall food is so icky.  I’ll spare you the nasty bathroom details, but I can feel a significant difference from the way my body feels at home and the way it feels when I’m at school.  I totally blame it on the food.

First, I’ve gained at least 5 pounds at the last count.  The food is the obvious culprit, perhaps followed by an excess of snacking and mindless munching (although on my own behalf, I really haven’t had much snacks in my possession lately due to a lack of funds and transportation).

Second, my tummy always feels upset at least one time a day.  I’ve already deduced that I can’t drink bottled frappuccinos or coffee creamers because they bother my slightly lactose intolerant tummy.  But, my stomach sometimes just mysteriously hurts after meals.

Third, even the vegetarian food doesn’t look very healthy.  Everything looks greasy and kinda generally fatty.  I dunno how they do it.  But, on the plus side I made myself a nom-nommy salad the other day of greens and spinach with pine nuts, bleu cheese, apple slices and balsamic vinaigrette.

So, my baby is due in 3 years, when college is over.


2 thoughts on “My food baby

  1. (i think i may have twins. mazel tov?)

    lately i’ve been living off cereal and milk. 😐 it’s just so hard to eat well.

  2. Because we don’t really have a ‘living on campus’ dorm system, I’m lucky and don’t get a food baby (although I do have one anyway, but I’ll put that to lack of exercise).

    But we DO have a lunch room where we can buy food in between classes. The safest option is to go for the paninis, but anything else will almost definately be dripping in oil.

    I much rather face the GIANT Hill of DOOM and walk to a lovely little bakery/sandwich shop.

    Ahhhh, school food, you are so disgusting, and yet so convienient!

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