Consistent minimal memory theory

Flashbulb memories are recollections that seem to vivid, so clear, that we can picture them as if they were snapshots of moments in time.  (Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour)

I absolutely, completely, definitely do not have flashbulb memories.  I’ve also talked to a couple of people who say that they don’t have any either, but I’m not writing off flashbulb memories as a myth.  I’m sure some people do have them.

And then, there’s all the stuff about false memories.  Maybe its human nature for me to believe I don’t have false memories.

But, here’s my theory.  I have a terrible memory, really truly terrible.  This both includes and goes beyond forgetfulness.  So, I can barely remember anything beyond last year and I am thoroughly convinced that what little I do remember is basically correct.  And in this way, I there is something wrong with me.

Wouldn’t it be terrible if the teaspoon of things that I remember beyond a year ago was half wrong?  Which is why I’m choosing to believe this theory of consistent minimal memory.


4 thoughts on “Consistent minimal memory theory

  1. Each person is built differently. Perhaps, your sense of recall was not developed as you were growing up. But there are still ways you can do to start making more memories and recalling older ones.

  2. Sometimes, a smell or sound or scene, will trip my brain and I’ll get a vivid flash of something from my past.

    I also sometimes have memories in which I’m not sure are real memories or dreams I’ve had.

    But I agree with Karen. Everyone is different. 🙂

  3. I’m the same way- I can barely remember anything beyond a year ago. I always thought there was something wrong with me, but I guess not because others do are like this !

  4. Yeah, Faith! We’re totally not alone. 😀

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