79. Make it on the Dean’s list

The other day I got this baby in the mail.

It was in its own big manila envelope and folded a little to fit in my weeny campus mail box. I pulled it out and I had no idea what on earth the school would be sending me in such a big, but thin envelope. And as it turned out it was a cheesy little certificate, the Dean’s Award. Award, it sounds so big and important, like I did something so remarkable it’s probably going to change the world.

So, my thinking was that the Dean’s Award was not the signal that I had made the Dean’s List.  I mean, that’s two very different words… award… list… award… list.  I sort of figured the award was something that wasn’t the Dean’s list, something less cool and impressive than the Dean’s list, actually.  So, I’m just walking around thinking darn, I only got a stinking award.  Maybe I should put some extra effort in if I’m shooting for list status.

And then, as it turns out, I called my parents and my dad congratulates me because they just got a letter saying their daughter was on the Dean’s List for the fall semester.  Yeah, The List.  Which would mean that the silly waste of paper award I got was supposed to indicate to me that I had done it.  So, that’s good, I guess.  But, it’s extra good because goal no. 79 was just that: Make it on the Dean’s list.  I’m just gonna pat myself on the back now.  And now I’m going to give myself a good kick in the butt and start working on more darn goals.


3 thoughts on “79. Make it on the Dean’s list

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That is so amazing!

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