4. Make a full dinner

This is not my actual product because I forgot to take a picture. But, wouldn't it be nice to pretend my food looked that professional?

I can make Kraft Mac & Cheese.  I can make spaghetti with bottled tomato sauce.  I can fry an egg.  I can make frozen dinners.  I can put the dishes my mom leaves out into the oven and set the timer.  That’s about as far as my cooking skills generally tend to go.  All my life someone has been making my food for me, even here at college.  I take a 2 minute walk and I’m at the dining hall.

But one day in the not too distant future I hope to live in my own place, which would ultimately involve making my own food.  So, goal no. 4 gave me a little push in that direction.  I made dinner!  A real kind.  That I really made.  By myself.  Me being me, and not so wise in the ways of the kitchen, I had to stick to the recipe and keep checking it like every 2 minutes.  But, it was worth it because the end result was a nommy Chicken Parm (with fresh herbs I might add) with a homemade tomato sauce, sweet dinner rolls, and chocolate chocolate cake.  It was a candlelit dinner for two, just me and Joe.  He says the chicken was good and so does my mom, so, I’m going to choose to believe them, because I thought it was pretty darn good too.

Now, I have to deal with dining hall food.  And, my food baby gets a little bigger each day and my heart grows a little sadder for want of real home cooked meals.

PS: I like the namee Sanne, Bronwyn, and Althaea.  Just thinking about that lately.


2 thoughts on “4. Make a full dinner

  1. most of the video is out of synch i think. i forgot this is one of the things on your list

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