Best Christmas Present Ever

I’m 19-years-old, I don’t expect lots of grand Christmas presents anymore, so the fact that I only had 2 presents under the tree this year wasn’t troubling.  There was something a little perplexing about one of the gifts though.  Here are the facts I knew:

  1. Both my sister and I had gotten the same thing.
  2. Our presents were both flat and different sized rectangles, with mine being longer and larger.
  3. Each present was a combination gift from 6 different family members, including our parents.

Turns out they gave me a 2010 London wall calendar.  And, the flight itinerary for an August trip to London was wedged inside.   Wah!  I’m going to London with my sister this summer for a week!  My uncles live in London and my whole family visited them last spring, but now me and my sister have a chance to go back and do what we want.  I’m so excited. (Does that even need to be said?)


3 thoughts on “Best Christmas Present Ever

  1. That is all kinds of exciting! 😀 😀

  2. YAY!

    I mean… uhhh… I think… you got my Christmas present by mistake?? Yes. That’s it. Santa accidentally got us confused and it is supposed to be me who is going to London… *coughcough*

    Did it work? Are you convinced?!

    Needless to say, I am JEALOUS! (although I got a TARDIS model to build for my Christmas present so neener neener!) ^_^

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