What’s the story, Wishbone?

What’s the story, Wishbone? What’s this you’re dreaming up?
Such a big imagination for such a little pup.
What’s the story, Wishbone? Do you think it’s worth a look?
It kinda seems familiar, like a story from a book.
Shake a leg now, Wishbone! Let’s wag another tale.
Sniffin’ out adventure with Wishbone on the trail.
C’mon, Wishbone!

Anyone else watch Wishbone as a child?  I loved that TV show and I still do.  In fact, I actually made my mom take out Wishbone on VHS from the library for me, not too long ago.  I wish they would revive Wishbone.

In case you don’t know what Wishbone is, here’s the gist of it.  Wishbone is an adorable Jack Russel Terrier and his owner is Joe.  Wishbone is a real smart little pup who seems to tie in the things happening in Joe’s life with the things that happened to people in classic works like Great Expectations, The Count of Monte Cristo, and Romeo and Juliet.  So, each episode is made up of Joe’s bits and Wishbone’s story telling bits where Wishbone usually stars as the leading protagonist.  Awesome. Here, watch an episode.

The people at PBS deviously tricked little kids into watching classic stories played out by a cute puppy.  Wishbone was probably what made me the bookish nerd I am today (that and Harry Potter).  Seriously, show me a kid who loved Wishbone and who isn’t a nerd today.  I dare you.

I don’t actually remember much from the shows.  I remember a Halloween scavenger hunt which involved little pumpkins that contained hints.  I remember Joe’s grocery delivering service which was also when he alienated his friends by being too bossy.  I remember Sam trying to save a tree from being knocked down.  I remember Odysseus/Wishbone coming home and challenging the suitors to shoot an arrow through his axes.  And, funnily enough, Wishbone has taught my mom a few things.  When I was reading The Tale of Two Cities a couple years ago my mom asked me if it was the one about two guys who looked alike and if one went to jail for the other.  She’s never read the book though, she only knew this from… Wishbone, of course.  Oh, but, just the sound of Wishbone’s voice sends me into the land of nostalgic tendencies.

Will someone please buy me Wishbone DVDs?


One thought on “What’s the story, Wishbone?

  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can I just say that I pretty much love you madly right now? I grew up on Wishbone.

    Television at its finest, by golly. ^^

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