Prom in pictures

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Please allow me to be a silly girl for like 10 minutes.  Prom, or rather the Senior Ball, was last Saturday.  It was on a boat.  Bam.

Personally, I had a swell prom night.  I got to wear my fancy dress, Hollywood glamour as Mike described it, and my sick made-out-of-zipper shoes.  I’m not sure why half the fun is dressing up, but it is.  There’s something about wearing a fabulous outfit that gives you an extra bit of oomph.  Everyone gets to feel extra special.  And seeing all your friends looking beautiful is a bit of the fun too.  And we can swoon at the dapper young men around us, well, man in my case.

The other half of the fun?  Dancing.  I think that technically, “dancing” at prom is more like thrashing gracefully.  But, it’s fun nevertheless because you can express your joy and crazy need to just move by thrashing gracefully (or not gracefully).  Only drawback of dancing on a boat?  It’s hot and crowded, crowded, crowded.  I hope everyone had their water proof make-up on because we were all swimming in sweat, I’m sure.  It was so hot that the windows were fogged up and even my glasses would get fogged up whenever I got anywhere near the dance floor.  It was a frickin sauna, even next to the vents on the edge, not to mention in the thick of it.

Some other things to mention….  Bars supplying us with virgin drinks on all floors, oh boy.  And kinda lame fireworks, but that’s better than no fireworks.

I could also pick apart the less fun aspects of prom, but I think not.  Let’s end on a high note.


3 thoughts on “Prom in pictures

  1. That sounds fun! My class gets to plan prom next year. It’s gonna be fun…

    On a BOAT? Woah, and I thought resort hotels was cool!

  2. Coolest shoes ever, zomg. Also that dress is gorgeous.

    But, it’s fun nevertheless because you can express your joy and crazy need to just move by thrashing gracefully (or not gracefully).
    Ahaha, that sounds about right. I ended up tagging long to prom with my junior friends, and even I was dancing, and it is a well-publicized fact that Sarah Does Not Dance, Only Lurk Around Awkwardly.

  3. Those shoes are fantastic. ZIPPERS! Ingenius!

    You’re on a boat aaaaeeeend it’s going fast aaaaaeeeend, sorry. I’ll stop.

    And at least you had fireworks. People at our school weren’t willing to fork out an extra $2 each for an awesome balloon drop. Dammit. =D

    Finally, in regards to your last blog, I want to hear of London adventures! Puhlease?

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