Jet Laaaaaaaaaag.

Vacation Begins: London here we come. The Schedule*

April 9, Thursday:
4:00p- Drive to Grandparents’ house in Connecticut
7:00p- Arrive at Grandparents’ house and eat dinner (chive dumplings, yum!)
10:00p- Go to sleep

April 10, Friday:
7:30a- Wake up to the noise of Mom packing and generally moving about
8:00a- Shower in anticipation of long flight
10:00a- Leave for Bradley Airport
12:00p- Eat lunch
1:30p- Say goodbye to Dad, Emily, and Jeremy who are flying with Continental
2:30p- Board plane (United) with Mom and Madelyn
4:00p- Arrive at DC
5:00p- Board plane and prepare for 7 hour flight to London (Note: Airplanes are awesome. Airplane food is not awesome. It actually sucks a lot. Especially the pasta because it is hard and is sprinkled with overcooked peas.) (Note II: Watched Quantum of Solace and was very confused. Also Daniel Craig is 41, but spies are hot, so, um…. Watched Seven Pounds and was slightly less confused. Will Smith has big muscles, but already knew that.) (Note III: Only slept for 1 hour because the stupid overhead light kept turning on like magic which is distracting)

April 11, Saturday: (Note: GMT time now)
5:30a- Arrive at London-Heathrow airport (Note: OMG!)
6:00a- Uncle Henry (aka Su-su) arrives arrives at airport to meet us
7:00a- Dad, Emily, and Jeremy finally arrive
7:30a- Take the Underground and walk to Su-su and Uncle James’ top floor flat (Note: Love the signs for the ‘way out’ rather than the ‘exit.’ Sounds much more psychological.) (Note II: Uncles’ flat is amazing. So pretty and nice and eclectic with stuff from their travels. Lots of furniture from China, rugs, paintings, a cool rolling clock.)
8:00a- Nap
12:00p- Wake up
12:30p- Take double decker bus to Trafalgar Square and visit The National Gallery (Note: So cool to see the paintings from 10th grade Arts and Ideas text book, such as Marriage a la Mode. Favorite painting, possible Surprise! by Rousseau
1:30p- Coffee break at Cafe Nero (Note: Gwyneth Paltrow lives in my uncle’s neighborhood/area?)
2:00p- To Leicester Square
3:00- To King’s Cross Station to see Platform 9 3/4 wall (Note: Yes, pictures with the trolley half in the wall.)
4:00- Dinner at the Pizza Express (Note: Delicious thin crust pizza. One with lots of veggies like artichoke, olives, mushrooms, red peppers. The other with little mini scrumptious pepperonis.)

*Some times are completely innacturate because I don’t have a watch.

I am so completely tired. Also, I’m disgusting because I don’t think I’ve showered in the last 24 hours. But, I am so completely happy because I’m in London! Wonder what’s going on tomorrow.


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