I have failed to mention…

These past weeks I have been keeping a secret and now it’s just about time I let it out.

I’m. Going. To. London…. Today.

I live in New York, and I have been to London once before as part of a school trip to Ireland and England, but we only spent a day actually in London. This time around I’m going with my whole family to visit my uncle who happens to live in London (mighty convenient, that is).

Actually, I don’t have much to say about it becuase mostly all I’m feeling is excitment. And I guess the only way I can show that is by pounding the keyboard as I do a happy dance with my lower body.

kmfdjkdkf df dfhku fgoiu rkjfdio rd jikf jkv fkd jjjd oifjisjofi jsoidfj kjdxf kc vkcnvkjf nkdxjfnkjd fnkjdnfkj sdfkj dkjfn kjn mncnkvkdjxnffvjkdfuosodjoiuwro8u3rirjs kdn nkjvxjfioufi o nojf io woei fk csof iwpoiedoiwjfnmc njhwoeruo9werfoijfdjk fhij roiurioeuoe wer uoiseejfioldj foij fogi gjdoif jdoifjoiewufoierufdoi jfdoi jfdioj ofdi jfoiduufouiwuerioe4uroieujoisfildjkifjkjdf iodfuo i esjfkjf sekfk jwmcxn,vm bnvm c nkjhdfuh uoew u ewu ew ri yre uy 3wutriuwehfjmnvki wdvf ufdyhcibk oklk tgr eswfvgkmn vlkmf iodfsoij v jiposr io yfetaetuiufesnbvb m,n s k khi aihi h fiivwiy7u 2 9742 7 9 ibhkiy di ui vdyi fhi vfhunjv n ckjvdzhoiuwefijo coijusd iofio jdso ifo ijf d oijdfio joji doj dsoi (etc.)

That is all. I’ll have more to say when I’m actually there.


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