Moments of Insanity

Ever had a moment of clarity?  It can strike you when you least expect it.  It just feels so surreal, like someone whispered something in your ear, except you didn’t hear them say anything, and then all of a sudden you realize something and everything is explained and easy.  This doesn’t actually happen to me very often.  I’m not very well acquainted with these visions of clarity.

I am, however, very well acquainted with moments of insanity. 

Sometimes they come in disguise as moments of clarity.  I’ll be struck with a brilliant realization or I’ll make some stunning observation (For example, I could live the rest of my life without underwear.)  And then Insanity takes off its Sanity mask and I realize how stupid I was.  (I really couldn’t live the rest of my life without underwear).

And then other times moments of insanity come to me as blatant moments of insanity.  What happens the most often is my desperate urge to throw the closest technology out the window of a moving car.  I mean, I’ll just be sitting in the car thinking about the dichotomy of good and evil and then- BOOM- I suddenly need to throw my cellphone out the window.  I can assure you that I have yet to actually throw anything out the window.  I come to my senses after a few seconds and after my heart beat settles down I can laugh at myself.


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