Soda vs. Pop vs. COKE?!

Firstly, a celebration is in order because I finished my research paper, and it’s not even due tomorrow. It’s due in two days. I am so on top of things. And, like I promised, we celebrate with balloons!

Secondly, I feel like an ignorant fool. I have lived my whole life thinking that everybody (in the US) refers to soft drinks as either soda or pop. And then, a few days ago I read the Soda or Pop? discussion on the ning forum and I learned something: people in the south refer to all soft drinks as coke. I was totally blown away by this and for it I feel terribly stupid. I mean, I used to live in North Caroline, and according to my mom some people there say coke.

Now, I am a soda type of person. Not soda pop, and certainly not pop. (I used to live in Ohio where everyone said pop and it bothered me to no end.) Soda, Soda, SODA! Well, on top of me not knowing about the whole coke thing, according to this map, the soda phenomenon is basically isolated to the Northeast and California. You see that ugly green? It’s such a small part of the map. And now, see the blue and red? That’s pop and coke. All that RED!? I never knew all that red even existed. I never knew that a whole entire region of this country was calling Root Beer coke and calling Sprite coke and calling Fanta coke.

I feel so left out!

But, I’m still going to call it soda.

And what about other countries?
-Australia: lolly water
-Ireland: minerals, (brown/red/white) lemonade
-Scotland: ginger, juice
-England: fizzy drink
-South Africa: cool drinks
I’m so God awfully confused! My world will never again be the same!


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