Jamie Fraser > Edward Cullen

I just finished rereading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  My reasons for reading it again being 1) It’s an excellent book, 2) I sort of forgot what happened, and 3) I still haven’t finished the series, so I figured I should know remind myself how it started, at least.  The book’s a good healthy size, around 800 pages and it took me about a week and a half to read.  That should be a good indication of how much I like it.

standing_stones1Basically, the book begins in Scotland, 1945, where Claire and Frank Randall are on their second honeymoon after being separated by their various obligations during WWII.  Claire time travels to 1743, by way of a circle of standing stones.  From there she is kidnapped by men of the MacKenzie clan who think her an English spy.  It shortly becomes apparent that she is no spy when Captain Jack Randall, an English officer and coincidentally, the great-great-great-something-grandfather of her husband, Frank, demands that the MacKenzies turn her in for questioning.  This puts her in a tight spot, and her only option is to marry James Fraser, a young and capable Scot, but who also happens to be an outlaw with a price on his head.  And then from there Claire and Jamie fall in love.

In essence, Outlander is a historical romance.  Gabaldon writes about 18th century Scotland until your ears leak Scottish accents and crisp Scottish air. And the romance part of it, that’s the best part, or at least the second best part (there’s also the adventure to contend with).

People think Edward Cullen is worth swooning over because he’s cold and a vampire of supernatural strength?  Try Jamie Fraser, for goodness sake.  He’s warm and a Scottish warrior who protects his wife with nothing but his bare, human hands.  He’s more real that Edward, he’s certainly got more depth as a character than Edward.  To me, Edward’s worth is held by a very thin power and if you breath on him too hard he’ll just disintegrate.  Jamie can stand on his own and his presence is as solid as you could ask for from a fictional character.

First excerpt sketch of Claire by Hoang Nguyen for a graphic novel Diana Gabaldon is writing.

First excerpt sketch of Claire by Hoang Nguyen for a graphic novel Diana Gabaldon is writing.

And just because Jamie is just a normal human, it doesn’t make the circumstance of his relationship less amazing.  Here are Jamie and Claire, forced together because of unforeseeable and horrible chances, and they make the best of it.  Perhaps, the dearest part is that Jamie fell in love with Claire the first time he held her when she cried, shortly after being captured by the big burly Scotsmen.  For Claire, the process is slower and tortuous because she still loves her husband from her own time.  The passion the two have for each other, the tender love to care for each other, and the raw desire they have for each other are all so strongly laced in the book.  It’s really fabulous.

On a non-romance note, the book is also really clever.  The plot is very complex (don’t let that scare you away), and that’s really what life is like, it’s not one simple plot, it’s a lot of plots tangled up in a big mess.  The emotions and motives of all the characters are very carefully thought up and incredibly detailed.  Having just finished the book, one part that I remember vividly now, is the aftermath of an ordeal Jamie went through.  His pain is so great and it makes you cry as if he has died.

Great book.  5 stars, 2 thumbs up, however you want it.  Now, I need to reread the second book so that I can start the third one for the first time.  Whew.

Oh by the way, well, you would have realized by now.  NOTHING to do with the Outlander movie that’s came out last summer.


11 thoughts on “Jamie Fraser > Edward Cullen

  1. Awesome Summery and description of an absolutly fabulous book!
    I am re reading it for the sixth time, in preperation for the upcoming release of her latest and greatest Outlander books.
    I fell madly in love with jamie, Thanks to my mom and Gramma. ( we ALL love him LOL)
    and as far as your comarison between Edward and Jamie..I absolutly agree. Cullen as NOTHING on Fraser!

  2. I have re-read all of the books 3 times, the first 2 times I read them so fast. I can’t wait for “An echo in the bone” to be out in Sept.
    Is there still going to be the movie?

  3. My husband gave my the second book in the Outlander series (thinking it was the first one) for Christmas. I loved it. Part of the way through I realized it was Book 2 and not the first, so my plan was to finish it and go back to read Number 1. But the ending of Book 2–OMG I had to read Book 3 to see what happened. Then I finally went back and read Book 1. Reading them out of order this way did not detract from my enjoyment of the series AT ALL. I just finished reading Twilight to see what the hype was all about. I have to agree with you comparison between Jamie and Edward. Melissa’s right–Cullen has NOTHING on Fraser.

  4. Hello i am Rebecca Erbar from Germany.

    I love this book Outlander and Twilight too.

  5. Read the all the Diana Gabaldon books. Loved them Loved them loved them.

    Then read Twighlight series.

    Now readiing Into the Wilderness.
    Good read too!

    So far Jaime Wins!

  6. I’d prefer Jamie anytime (though I have a crush on Edward)

  7. Hello! First, Bettie sent me here – and second, yeah, Jamie is my man of choice too. I mean, I love my cold, sparkly vampire – but who can resist that warm, tall, musky, red-headed Scot with muscles to spare!

    I’ve just started the new book, Echo in the Bone, and I’m so excited to be back with Jamie and Claire….. I love you Bella and Edward (and even Jake) but there’s something so much more real and tangible with the Outlander characters.

  8. Jamie Fraser is the perfect man. Outlander is so real to me. Love Edward Cullen as well- but Jamie really resonates with me as no other has. The books are beautiful, they make me laugh and cry the first four are the most stunning but love all of them – can’t wait for the 8th!!! Diana – you left us hanging in Echo in the Bone!!! These people literally have souls to me. If they existed I would love to know them. I keep hoping they’ll make this into an HBO or Showtime series…. a movie would barely touch the tip of the ice berg. People keep talking about Gerard Butler as Jamie – but he is too old – and you have to start from the beginning. I think Chris Hemsworth – look at him, seriously… he is 6’3″ (the new Star Trek) would be Jamie Incarnate with shoulder length red hair – and he is Australian – seems any English type accent can capture a Scot well (i.e. Davina Porter Outlander Audiobooks)- and we need that authentic – and Jamie needs to have size and presence – I picture him as an extremely intense and charismatic character – I also think Emily Blunt would be a great Claire – Jason Isaacs Frank/Jonathan Randall – would love to see this if they did it right! In the meantime, I’ll be happy to read and listen to all my Outlander books!!! Jamie & Claire Forever!!!

    • I know! There were so many cliffhangers in Echo in the Bone, it’s hard to live with. 😛 And you’re absolutely right about the movie not being able to even begin to attempt to capture the Outlander series. It’s just too much. I think they could do a movie for just the first book and pull it off right.

  9. Yes like all of you above I’m a Jamie tragic! I have reread the whole series multiple times….
    I totally agree with Carolyn, Chris Hemsworth would make a perfect Jamie! I have thought it for a while but seeing his sheer physical power and size ( not to mention his perfect cat like slanted blue eyes!) yes yes yes is all I can say !!!

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