Her morning elegance

This is by far my favorite stop-motion video I have seen, ever.

I found it by way of iTunes.  It was the last free music video, although I didn’t actually download it because the laptop with my iTunes is sort of not working right now.

But, onto the actual video/song itself.  I really like the song, I like the feel of it and I like Oren Lavie’s voice.  It’s very soothing.  My favorite line is probably this one… “And she fights for her life / Where people are pleasantly strange.”  I think everyone has that in them, something that’s pleasantly strange, a quirk I guess.  But, at the same time, it also makes me think of friendly monsters….  Monsters are people too, you know.  I also like this pair of lines, “She pours a daydream in a cup / A spoon of sugar sweetens up”

:36- The girl is ducking under the cello and the cello piece is playing in the song.  When it zooms in on her face and she turns toward the cellos and smiles a little, it makes me believe she’s having a nice dream or thought and she’s leaning into it like you would lean into the warmth of a fire.

1:12- It took me a couple takes to realize she was supposed to be riding a train here, and then that she’s looking out the window into the storm.  But, once I sorted it all out, it looked nice and I could see it being a train.

2:07- She’s jumping from pillow to pillow.  The actual mechanics of it is amazing.  Each frame flows so smoothly into one another to make it look like she’s actually jumping.  Her arms and legs are placed just so, and even her hair flounces along with the natural movement of a leap.

2:18- I love the water scene.  The sock fish, shawl-type jellyfish, and the bubbles that float upward as she plunges in.  And again, it looks like she’s actually underwater, her hair undulates in the ‘water’ and her arms and legs mimic swimming motions.

2:49- I just really like the dancing.


3 thoughts on “Her morning elegance

  1. Monsters are people too, you know.
    Naturally. ^^ Monsters deserve love too.

    It must have been so meticulously executed, and the end result is perfect loveliness. (I love how dreamlike the whole thing is.)

    *goes off to download* ♥

  2. Wow. That is amazing. The water bit – and the jumping bit – AND the dancing! It was brilliant.

    I think I’m a little in love with it…

    Where’s my Itunes?!

  3. So, I just went to download the clip today, after remembering that I never did. Turns out the Australian iTunes doesn’t have it in the catalogue, therefore I cannot download it. Sad =(

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