Marc Johns.

I have a new favorite.  Whilst perusing hrrrthrrr I stumbled upon one Marc Johns.  He’s an artist.  His art is made of win.  It’s funny and whimsical and sometimes speaks mounds of truth.  Even this little blurb he wrote about himself reminds me of his art.


"Unbeknownst to most, the world is completely controlled by a single pipe smoking rabbit."

” Marc Johns creates whimsical drawings filled with dry wit and humour. Whether it’s a man with branches growing out of his head that need pruning, or a pipe that’s trying to quit smoking, his characters are simply, sparsely drawn, yet speak volumes with just a few strokes of the pen. He’s been drawing since he was tiny. He’s not tiny anymore, but he’s not exactly big either. Marc is not sure why he’s talking about himself in the third person…” –Marc Johns


"Jim tries harder"

A lot of it seems so random and completely out of nowhere.  It makes you feel like you walked right into an inside joke.  And then you realize it’s kinda funny anyways.  Logs, floating heads, mustaches, beards, antlers, and scribbly and blobby blobs seem to appear a lot in his stuff.

And then there’s the insightful stuff that I feel like I’m allowed to understand.  Like this one about the bag.  Oh, you know what he’s talking about.  Buying one bag- another bag- that says you’re going to reuse it because it’s made out of 100% organic cotton isn’t really actually going to help anything except your conscience.  </rant>


"This is a reusable cloth bag, and therefore I am no longer guilty of raping mother nature."

Anyways, I had a lot of fun browsing Marc Johns’ flickr today


One thought on “Marc Johns.

  1. Awww… cute yet quirky. They are very cool!

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