Rereading books

I have this problem.  I read a book and then another book and then another and another and another and then soon enough I forget what the first book was about.  I even forget what happens in books I like.  It’s terrible.  So, if I like a book enough I’ll have to reread it eventually, not just to enjoy it again, but to actually remember how it ended again.  (I also have to reread the Temeraire series before I read the 4th book because I don’t remember how the 3rd book ended…)

Anyways, I just finished rereading The Time Traveler’s Wife again, even though I only just read it a couple months ago.  Because my sister is reading it for the first time the copy of the book has been lying around the house, so I sort of got sucked into it when I picked it up and just started reading it again.

This time, since I just read the book in November, I remembered how the book ended and the essential plot points.  And even though everything was still fresh in my memory it still made me bawl at the end.  Maybe even more than the first time.  Some of the little things that happen and the little things that are said are what make the book amazing and it’s those things that I loved to reread.

This is a plea.  If you still have not read this book, please do.


3 thoughts on “Rereading books

  1. I have to do the same thing! I picked up a book called ‘The Book of Lost Things’ recently, thinking I hadn’t read it only discovering 5 pages it that I remembered reading it. Unfortunately for that book I didn’t feel like re-reading it yet, so it must wait.

    Likewise; there is a book series by John Marsden which is followed up by another series about the same character. The first series I’ve finished, and I got halfway through the second series before waiting for the next book to come out. So now I have to go back and reread both series to remember before reading the rest of the second series. Gah! Did that even make sense?

    Note to Aly: The Time Traveller’s Wife *coughbookclubcough* ;D


  2. Should also note: to reread all those series would mean reading 7 books, plus the three in the next series… or more like trilogy really…

  3. I keep meaning to buy my own copy of this book so I can reread it. I LOVED it! So much so I’m considering a Time Traveler’s Wife tattoo lol.

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