Walking in a winter wonderland [alliteration!]

Ice Storm ’08.  That’s what they’re calling it.  It was sure a hell of an ice storm.  It was a real adventure.  We all knew it was coming, we all hoped their would be a snow day, and we all doubted we’d be given one because our school district is extra stingy with its snow days.

And then Friday came.  I didn’t have power… no one had power.  We were basically plunged into the Dark Ages… only with gas stoves and generators and laptops and flashlights.  And, since the school was included in the massive power outage we didn’t have to go to school.  That was absolutely the best part, followed closely by sleeping in front of the fire with my whole family like a liter of puppies.

No, wait.  The second best part was the actual ice.  Everything was gorgeous.  Everything was encased in a layer of ice. During the day when there was a breeze the trees crackled with the weight of the ice, it almost sounded like rain.  And it was such a threatening sound.  The trees were so pretty with the ice, but the snapping and cracking of ice on the swaying limbs was a not so subtle reminder of the danger of the ice.  Every once in a while branches would just snap off from the overbearing weight of the ice.  And then, when the wind stopped and everything was perfectly still it became innocent and beautiful again.  The trees glistened in the sunlight and it felt like the whole world was holding its breath.  Because there wasn’t just an absence of a breeze, but there was no sound.  What little snow that actually fell muffled noises and all that could be heard during those still spells were the occasionally snapping of falling tree limbs.

The ice encased trees

The ice encased trees

The creek.

The creek.

I rather nice picture of Madelyn.

I rather nice picture of Madelyn.


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