Thank God for low expectations

I am a bad Twilight fan.  I only just saw the movie today.  (Like, omg, you didn’t see it at midnight on Thursday?  What?  Is?  Wrong?  With? You?) But, wait, I have an excuse!  Ok, no, I don’t.  I’m just a good girl who would never stay out until the dead of night on a school night.  Maybe I was putting it off because I was afraid. (What does that even, like, mean?) Let me explain.  I was afraid to be disappointed.  Almost everything about the trailer- (omg!  The trailer was so totally a-ma-zing!) Stop interrupting me! Almost everything about the trailer made the movie look cheesy.  (Are you serious?!  Edward is, like, so hot!) Seriously.  The music for one thing was just not right.  And a couple of the lines made me cringe. 1)”Say it, out loud.  Say it.”  2)”I’d rather die than stay away from you.” (But, that was, sooooo romantic.) No, it was cheesy, ok?  The delivery was just off….

Bella (K. Stweart) and Edward (R. Pattinson) in TWILIGHT.

Bella (K. Stweart) and Edward (R. Pattinson) in TWILIGHT.

But, before I scare you off, I have something good to say about the movie.  (Yeah, finally.) The movie was good.  It was actually good.  I don’t think very many book fans would be disappointed, but I don’t think very many first-timers would like it as much.  The movie was made for people who already know the ending and how everything works.  If you watch the movie without reading the book I don’t think you would get the same meaning out of it.  Edward would seem like a creepy stalker and Edward and Bella’s romance would seem to spring out of thin air.  But don’t get me wrong, I liked this movie.  It is a very good accessory to the original book.

First, the good points.  Read no further if you haven’t watched it.

  1. Emmett.  Kellan did a wonderful job as Emmett, even though you barely see him.  His 5 lines are delivered with perfect Emmettness.  Sort of dumb, but very funny and endearing.
  2. Edward’s driving.  When Edward skids in his car to save Bella from the creepy potential rapists I couldn’t help but smile.  I could see Edward behind the wheel driving like a psycho.
  3. Stephenie Meyer cameo.  She was right in front of the camera, her face blown up to epic proportions on the big screen for like 10 whole seconds.  And the waitress even says her name.
  4. The revelation.  I just like the way they filmed the part where Bella is looking online and puts the pieces together.  The brief flashes of text and pictures about the cold-ones is visually pleasing.
  5. The forest scene.  I was a little unhappy with the way Edward made Bella say “vampire,” but the rest of the scene following that weirdness was great.  It showed Edward kind of throwing a fit and getting a little scary-angry with Bella because she won’t be afraid of him.  He throws some things around and runs and jumps and is all “I am a vampire.”
  6. The moment every fan girl wishes she was Kristen is when Bella rides to school with Edward and everyone is staring at them in the parking lot.  The music is just so perfect, and Robert looks perfect, and the way he just throws his arm over her shoulder.  It makes all the girls swoon.

And the inevitable bad points.

  1. Where is the romance?  This is an epic romance and sure there’s some “I love yous”  and “I need yous”  and “You are my lifes,” but Edward and Bella don’t show it enough.  There are plenty of times when Edward is angry and a little harsh, but there isn’t enough tenderness and softness from him.  Their relationship really isn’t developed or explained.
  2. Big haired waitress.  The waitress at the Italian restaurant had weird hair and she wasn’t nearly pretty enough to tempt Edward.
  3. Diamonds, not really.  Did not like the way Edward sparkled.  He didn’t look like diamonds, he looked like someone smeared pixie dust on his face.  But, what are you going to do about it?
  4. There was more, but I can’t currently remember.

I am content.


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