Tweet tweet twitter twitter

There’s this site called Twitter. You can tweet things there.

Really, the sole purpose of this particular social networking site is to tell people what you’re doing every waking hour of the day. I’m serious. As of right now I use it to follow (aka stalk) YouTube and PotterCast people.  At least that’s the way it feels because I have a grand total of two, or let’s say two and a half, friends who use it. So, I should just give it up, right? I don’t think so. Have a look at this comic strip (which happens to be one of my favorites).

Yeah, Jeremy is talking about Twitter.  So, I think that if it’s worthy and popular enough to make its way to the comics then I should stick with it and wait for my friends to get a clue and sign up for Twitter, or get new friends.  Now, I just wonder how many people wouldn’t understand this comic….

Twitter, people, twitter.  But don’t listen to me, listen to Hank.


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